19 March 2010


inspired by our last walk last year from cockfosters station, we headed out that way again on tuesday. j spent an equally long time sniggering about going to cockfosters, and we both burst into laughter when one of the announcements was truncated, informing us that, "this is cock-"

this time we turned east from the station instead of west to follow the LOOP (london outer orbital path) through trent park / enfield chase and along turkey brook to turkey street overground station. here's the map of our route:

i'm not really up to writing out a big blog, so i might just pop a few pictures in here with some comments.

the before shot
the before shot, taken beside the cemetery that lies just north of cockfosters station.

goddamn jet planes!
another perfect, crisp and sunny spring day, once again making me wonder whether this 'bad weather' england is meant to be famous for is in fact a GREAT BIG DIRTY LIE. (note the jet at the top left of frame - how inconsiderate of it to fly into my photo!)

enfield chase
after the hustle and bustle of the last few days - airports, shuttle buses, hotels, aeroplanes, taxis, weddings, city walking, art galleries, etc - it was wonderful to be out in the countryside with nowhere to go but the footpath ahead and nothing to do but walk and take in the scenery (and find lunch).

the path through winter woods
we were last in england in early autumn, so it was nice to see the trees still bare and the first signs of spring poking through the mulch below the trees - crocuses, the leaves of daffodils, and other tiny green shoots.

camlet moat
this is camlet moat, which the information sign told us was probably constructed around 1140 AD when enfield chase was created as a hunting preserve. the name 'camlet' first appears in records around 1440 AD.

hello us!
some random people!

we saw this obelisk from quite a way away and we weren't meant to go past it, but a short, unplanned detour took us right to its foot. it was quite striking in the bright sunshine against the blue sky.

this old sign marked the exit point of the LOOP through trent park.

this was just a little way down the hill from the road at the edge of trent park. we didn't have a cup of tea here, but the picture was so perfect that i couldn't pass up the opportunity to snap a photo of db as he admired the view.

botany bay, greater london
botany bay! we walked very close to this tiny village, but didn't see any signposts. instead, you get a picture of the OS map.

farmland near botany bay.

one of the friendly horses d's muddy leg
we went through a paddock with half a dozen horses in, and we were quite nervous at first. however, this horse and one other (smaller) horse were the only ones who took any interest in us, and they seemed quite happy to have their noses patted, and to nose our pockets idly for treats. the paddock, however, was a bit of a quagmire! we tried to pick our way across the mud a few times, and ended up at the top end where a small stream was trickling down under the hedgerow. in the end we just had to take the plunge - and d got pretty grotty in the process!

i'm like a bird
i have no idea why i decided to stand on one leg for this photo.

in case you can't read the sign, it says "NO GALLOPING".

path through spindly trees
i loved how spindly the trees were!

turkey brook
it was quite delightful to walk beside turkey brook for most of the post-lunch walk as it burbled and meandered along in its bed.

pink gingerbread house
we decided that this house was made of gingerbread and coated in pink and white icing. nom nom nom.

db tea time! db winking
i can't think of anything better than having a hot cup of tea on a brisk afternoon beside a charming little stream in the company of the cutest person ever in the entire world!

WE ARE WATCHING YOU, they said. i'm not sure who 'they' are, though? perhaps the people from the crematorium? it seemed apt that we began our walk beside a cemetery and ended it just over the road from a crematorium.

the after shot
the after shot: we took the overground back from turkey street station. it's very handy now that you can use your oyster card for the overground trains as well as the tube.

well, we enjoyed the walk, and i hope you enjoyed reading about it!


  1. pink house for essie, yes?
    there are some really wonderful photos among this bunch. looks like a great walk.
    miss you xoxoxoxo

  2. it was great! and we bought you the house. ...ok, that last bit was a lie!