2 December 2009


After we got back from the UK, we went to visit J's parents in East Gippsland. It was lovely, and here are some photos to prove it!

clouds from the train to sale
From the train window

stony creek trestle bridge and east gippsland rail trail
Stony Creek Trestle Bridge / East Gippsland Rail Trail

through, along, beneath
Under the bridge

d with nuts and bolts
D and some big nuts. And bolts.

A chunk of glass. Car accident?

three chooks
They are down to three chooks at the moment.

delicious pasta
One of the many reasons to visit your parents!

Pigface near Bemm River

looking west from pearl point
The view from our picnic spot at Pearl Point

i will be the next richard long
Beach art!

(2) she sells seashells
Shells and blank sand

e, j & j . . . and j's boots
Family shot with J's boots in the way!

d & j on the beach (2)
D and J

Today we are going for a walk in Sherbrooke Forest with some friends - including R, who has been living in the UK for years but is back on a flying visit!


  1. I'm sure that last time I went to the Stoney Creek Trestle Bridge (which was more than 15 years ago, admittedly) there was a shallow creek there...

  2. @lilacsigil, there was a bit of moisture beneath the bridge, but no creek. i don't remember seeing a creek there before, but then i have always been a little overawed by the bridge itself (ahhh, early signs of bridge-fancying emerge)!

    @jp, your face is! <3