23 July 2009


here's a post full of thumbnail pictures of before and after photos of most of the walks we've done since 2006-ish.

i made little booklets! the after shot: success! the after shot: OM NOM NOM BISCUITS at laburnum station d, j & sj: thumbs up, we're done! m, j, d: the after shot after the war, i mean, walk srs walking shoes colder, colder j is GRUMPY! before pic stunt reading! in the beginning! home again home again jiggety jog the before picture: d, sj, l &m sweat it! before: g, j, sj & d two bays walk: the before shot! sj, b, d, j & e - the before picture walk march 08: in the beginning j & d on the go DSCF9723 m, j & d: before, in finchley the usual 'before' picture before picture 1 ridgeway: the before picture the before shot: d&j 9/5/08:  picking up a companion teamwork! j and d set off on another walk! HAWT + 1 brrrrrrrrrr - before the walk kissykissy (posers!) the mormon and the prof in the beginning obligatory before snap d, j and sj: we made it! quick, we must have a photo waterproofed: l, m, sj, d d&j: the after shot the after shot: tired and pleased with ourselves "i'll photoshop myself in later" before #2

thumbs up! after shot with bea being distracted