8 February 2009


There are lots of bushfires in Australia - mainly in Victoria - that started yesterday. There are now 66 confirmed dead and hundreds of homes and buildings lost. J’s parents are OK - most of the fires are over 100km away from them, although they are getting occasional blackened leaves on the wind, so they are keeping the sprinklers going (embers can cause spot fires). Fires are still burning in many places, including places where friends and friends' families live.

Yesterday (Saturday) was the hottest day in Melbourne on record (46.4 degrees), and actually the hottest on record for any Australian capital city. It was like walking through a fan-forced oven, because there were strong northerly winds (hence the massive bushfires tearing through the forests and literally burning whole towns).

I hope that you are all OK, and that your family and friends are safe. And while you’re at it, spare a thought for those people hit by extreme flooding up north.

Please consider donating time, clothes, money, bedding, and food.

* Red Cross Relief Centres

* ABC news updates

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