3 December 2008


We will be leaving on December 28th for the Netherlands, and more specifically for Ameland for a kind of family reunion thing. We're looking forward to it, although we are both so busy with uni and Christmas retail work that we haven't really thought about if much. After Holland, we will be spending a couple of weeks in England, including a long weekend in a cottage in the Cotswolds. We return to Melbourne on the 20th of January.

It is going to be cold over there in the back-to-front season! COLDER THAN COLD CAN BE. We need to stock up on winter-type things. Do any of you Northern Hemispherians have suggestions? What kinds of trousers do you wear? Will I be OK with jeans over thermal leggings? Or are jeans crap because they get damp and really cold? Lots of thin layers, or a huge coat to take off inside (because central heating is much better/more existent there than here)?

Also, does anyone have a suggestion for a good hostel (with a double/private room) or good cheap hotel in Amsterdam?

Thanks in advance!


  1. You know where the Cotswolds is near, right?

    Thin layers is more for inbetween seasons. It is BASTARD cold here this winter, you will need gloves and a hat and a thick coat and a jumper.

    I almost always wear jeans, but yeah, if you're walking that's possibly not brilliant. TWEED (or wool) is of course the traditional thing for cold wet British weather, because it's kinda waterproof and also it gets warmer when wet...

  2. @ s: yes we are, aren't we?! it pretty much cancels out all the good environmental stuff we do otherwise.

    @ ika: OMG TWEED! YOU GENIUS! i don't actually think they sell tweed trousers over here, but MAYBE I CAN FIND SOME IN THE UK!?

    i DO know where it is near. let me email you with times and places, and perhaps we can see you again!

  3. Just put a newspaper under your jacket Jonathan, to keep the Amelander wind out. Warm headgear will make you handsome...
    But it is no colder than in Scotland.

    See you there.....

    Ben (ex Amelander living in Melbourne)

  4. ben, i will start saving newspapers now, so that i have a good collection of them by the time i get there!