16 August 2008


I am currently utterly entranced by Richard Long's "Art Made by Walking in Landscapes". I've never read, seen, or heard anything that so exactly echoes, magnifies the way I feel about walking.

Oh! It's amazing! This is the kind of travel that inspires me - it's not about Point A to Point B, but about reconceptualising what it means to move through space and time, through a world that is just as moveable, changeable, and alive as the walker. Ohhhhhhhh!!!


Tomorrow we are going to walk most of the 2 bays walk from near Dromana to Cape Schanck. I hope it doesn't rain TOO much! Now, off to pack and cook some lunch (and tea for tonight). I'm having a love affair with puff pastry at the moment. I suspect lunch will involve some excuse to cook more!

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