16 June 2008


yay! i bought a new raincoat!!! i've been whining about my old one (never being sure if it's REALLY waterproof enough, being annoyed at the hood on it, etc) and ummmming and aahhhhhhing about getting a new one for AGES. today we went into kathmandu to harass them to give me a new card with my new name (didn't happen the last couple of times i tried to get it done!), and to buy some thermals for us and sajee (long johns and shorts = THE BEST winter walking gear), and i had a little look at the raincoats. this one was on clearance for $230, marked down from $470... which is a bit over what i wanted to pay (i was looking at about $150-$200), but it fits really well, it's nice and long, the collar is AWESOME and the hood is great! and it's gortex and it packs away nice and small (about the same size as my old one - the bulk factor has been a big reason not to buy before).

anyway. i am now totally set for wet-weather hiking.

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