16 May 2008


that's where i'll be soon, eh.

i will be taking the time i get in airports and aeroplanes in the next while to write some entries for this blog. because i have so many things to talk about, and have had so little time to talk about them with you. goddamn having a life, hey?

i am really hoping i make the connection between my toronto - los angeles and los angeles - melbourne flights. i am going to get to toronto airport very early and try to arrange some kind of bag deal with american airlines, see if they can put it somwhere i can claim it immediately, or if they can make sure it's one of the first out so i can grab it and run.

but i've decided if the worst happens and my bag is not ready by the time i need to check in, i will leave it there - it has my address on it - and get them to send it to me later. i mean . . . it's less expensive and less emotionally and physically draining to do that than it would be to miss my flight, right?

i've had such a lovely time in toronto. *sigh* will update in the next few days with lots of words and pics. i promise!


  1. i say put a lighter in your bag, then let your travel insurance cover them sending the bag home after that point (since they had to find and DESTROY is...) trust me, i speak from experience!!

  2. really? huh. i'm tempted. but i don't want any of my other merchandise damaged, you know! :D

  3. oh, wow! i see you in a lttle over 24 hours! i am soooooooooooooooooo excited! yayayayayayaayay!