14 March 2008


Oh, poor neglected blog!

We both have yearly travel insurance now - it was the cheapest one to get, and it also covers us for any little side trips we might have. And it covers my laptop! Yay!

Still having shennanigans trying to get a new passport. I realise it's just pure bureaucratic incompetence, but because some of it is WRT the name change, I am getting quite rage-ful with the powers that be. Shit, I have to LEAVE in 6 weeks. They'd better have it to me by then.

On Sunday we have our next scheduled walk with Saj and Es. We were planning on an 18km one, fairly flat. However, the weather keeps conspiring against us. After a few weeks of mild-ish weather, slightly appropriate for walking, we find ourselves in the middle of summer once again. Today is forecast to be 40 degrees. Tomorrow is "only" meant to be 30. Sunday is going to be mid-30s. Erk! Maybe we'll just do a little walk - 3 hours or so.

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