27 February 2005

Ullo Ullo!

Velcomm!!! We are sitting in our studio/spare bedroom/study on a fine, balmy night in a fine, balmy Melbourne summer... which is about to end (the summer, i mean)... SO!!! we have decided to travel the seven seas (or, to be more exact, Europe - or, to be even more precise, Western Europe) in an attempt to RECAPTURE the JOYS of fine, balmy SUMMER!!! and rather than send GINORMOUS GROUP EMAILS (TM), we have decided to create this blog - which we will attempt to update weekly while travelling (though we make no promises) (is that a promise?) - for you guys to peruse at will. Hopefully we will be able to share a few ripping stories and the odd photograph (and even the occasional even/normal photograph). We may not be very good at this, but at least we won't be clogging your inboxes with the aforementioned GGE (TM). Szank you, und GUD NICHT! (ummmm... not sure what sort of accent that is... never mind).

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  1. just checking that we can add comments. obviously, ja!